TDF: Tax Day Freebies!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

$119.94 Sam's Club/Groupon Moneymaker - $154.94 value for $35!!!

I got an insane deal on Sam's Club Plus membership. At the last minute, I decided to look for a Groupon gift card to get this deal. I don't like using my debit cards online and I also earn gas points at Von's/Safeway and Ralph's/Kroger. Ralph's was in my way home, and boy did I get lucky!

The cashier asked if I planned to add $50 to the variable amount Groupon gift card. She suggested I try to log into the Ralph's app, that I could save $10 or so on it. I hadn't been able to log into the Ralph's app the last time I tried, but I do use the Von's app a lot. I managed to log in and find the digital coupon. Here's the deal:

1. Add $15/2 eCoupon to Talphs card via app or online

2. Buy 2 or more $25 Groupon gift cards
*** Save $15, w/Ralph's eCoupon
OOP $35, get $50 in gift cards

3. Apply 2 $25 cards to Groupon via app or website. 

4. Purchase Sam's Plus membership for $45 ($142.94 value). 

5. Print out Groupon certificate and sign up at your local Sam's Club ($100 value). 

6. Receive $29 Sam's Club gift card, PLUS coupons for a rotisserie chicken, salsa, and cupcakes ($22.94 value). Coupons valid until July 27!

7. Use the 100 gas points you earned at Ralph's to save 10 cents/gallon on gas!!!

OOP is $35, but overall value is $154.94, including Sam's Club Plus membership, $5 Groupon balance, $20 Sam's Club gift card, and food vouchers PLUS gas savings. 

*** Hurry! Only 2 days left on the Groupon offer!

Screenshots below. 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

$20 off Ancestry DNA + Free Shipping

You may remember that I traced my ancestry two years ago. Recently, I had my DNA tested, to find distant cousins. I actually found what the test predicted was a 4th-6th cousin. She turned out to be the great granddaughter of my 2nd great grand aunt, for whom my grandmother (her aunt) was named. I also found another descendent of Henry Jackson, who died while serving in the Union Army in 1863.

Free shipping with code FREESHIPDNA

+ $9.95 shipping
+ .80 tax on shipping DNA 
= 109.75 Original price
$79.00 sale price paid
= 29.95 saved

Finding distant relatives...priceless!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

25 cent Moneymaker on Challenge Cream Cheese

Oh cream cheese, how I love turning you into cheesy sauces, cheesecake, and cream cheese frosting for carrot or red velvet cakes. But now, I have a different purpose for you. I have never liked making roll out cookies, they are messy to make, a lot of work, I don't have much counter space, and they always seemed too dry. I also thought they were too plain. I give out tons of cookies for the holidays, but never roll out sugar cookies, because of all the work and mess and the fact that icing smears. Bah Humbug, said I.

Recently, I started making sugar cookies because I've fallen in love with the possibilities of royal icing. I took Wilton courses 1 and 3 last summer, so my piping skills have improved. I didn't take Course 3 because I was intimidated by royal icing. Then I found some great YouTube channels and decorating blogs.*  I found Georgia's great recipe for cream cheese sugar cookies, which can also be converted to chocolate cream cheese with the addition of cocoa, or even red velvet with some of LorAnn's red velvet emulsion. The cookies are tender, soft, moist and the delicious tang of cream cheese elevates them from the too sweet sugar cookies I've had in the past. Here's are some recent cookies I made:

Naturally, the couponer in me decided to stock up on cream cheese! Challenge just came out with a line of cream cheese, so there are several high value $1/1 MFCs and a 75 cent Ibotta rebate.

Last night, I went to buy Challenge cream cheese at Walmart and Von's, since each had a seperate Ibotta rebate for it. It was $1.98 at Walmart, 51 cents less than I'd paid previously at Von's. I bought two on seperate receipts, so I can use the Ibotta rebate twice at Walmart. After MFC and Ibotta, my final cost was 23 cents. I told the cashier, "You can't beat that!"

Oh, how wrong I was. I nearly did a little dance in the dairy aisle when I saw the mark down price at Von's. In my store, only the regular cream cheese was marked down. I picked up the lower fat, Neufachatel, but it was not included in the sale. The cashier said she thought the markdown was due to it being nearly expired, but that was not the case with mine -- it rang up as a Just4U discount. I did once stock up on cream cheese that was marked down to $1 because it was set to expire in a week, and I had 40 cent/1 coupons. Never fear, you can freeze cream cheese! Here's the deal:

Challenge Cream Cheese, $2.49 regular price at Von's
- 99c/1 Von's Just4U eCoupon -- hurry, price is only through 6/6!
$1/1 Challenge Cream Cheese printable, or
$1/1 Challenge Cream Cheese printable, or
$1/1 Challenge Cream Cheese printable
= 50 OOP
$0.75/1 Challenge Cream Cheese (Ibotta Deposit), or
$0.75/1 Challenge Cream Cheese (Ibotta Deposit)
[The Coupon Database doesn't list an Ibotta at Von's, but I have used it twice. I will post the expiration when it reappears in my app]

= + 25 cent money maker!!!

* I especially like Haniela's whimsical designs and flavored royal icing, SweetAmb's incredible details (like on these NYC skyline cookies), and SweetHoneyBee's wet on wet technique inspired me to try royal icing.